Be part of something new

What is TraderSpace?

We are putting together a group of like-minded traders to build a community dealing room where we all benefit.

Put simply, it’s an office of traders where we each pay for our own desk, but benefit from being in a group. 1+1=many

Is it a Prop Firm or Broker?

No. You trade your own way with your own money. TraderSpace is a community of individual traders.

Our experience in prop trading showed us that a lot of people love the professional dealing room community, but don’t benefit from having to trade the way the company says to, not to mention the complete lack of job security.

One of our founders, Guy Bower spent almost 10yrs in prop trading as the trainer and manager of new traders. He’s pointed out that that a lot of traders leave the prop world feeling bitter about being promised trading freedom and funding but in reality, having to follow the strict company line.

So many traders would have done so much better, if left to follow their own path, but helped along the way.

My Trading Space is about providing the help and community, not the rules.



So far several locations around Greater Sydney have been short listed. A decision is soon, but we want feedback first.

The criteria is:

  • Desks: enough space for each of our screen junkie habits.
  • Facilities: Enough room for not just your desk space, but things like shared meeting rooms, showers, breakaway areas. We also want room for regular functions, with guest industry speakers.
  • Look and feel: this will not be a stuffy old corporate office. Instead we will have a relaxed atmosphere conducive to productivity and development.
  • Location: It will be a place that is easy to get to via public transport as well as close to things like gyms, cafes and bars.

On top of the short list is an office in Alexandria. It ticks all the boxes above. It’s a great area and the office has a good vibe.



About $225/week. This gives you desk, chair, highspeed internet, kitchen, showers, coffee and the occasional beer on Fridays.

It will give you access to detailed trader training material, born from the prop world and access to a mentor (at least one). There will be someone to help you with things like with your trading questions and trading plan.

We will have regular group functions, with industry speakers or just drinks.

The office will have private meeting areas, break away areas, phone booths showers and will mostly definitely be dog friendly.


Will there be a term contract?

To make it viable, and cheaper, we can start with a six-month commitment then month to month after that.

Can anyone join?

God no. It does not matter what you trade. In fact, the more diversified the better. But we want people that see the vision of building a supportive community of traders.

We see it as a good venue for anyone trading crypto, stocks, futures and options. Day, swing and long-term traders.

The community will help traders and traders will help the community.


Is it just for traders?

No, we’d love to see trading educators and finance start-ups too. In addition to a desk, there are be meeting room areas, places to set up your camera or record your podcasts.

More features:

  • Reception 9-5 weekdays
  • Meeting room access
  • Dedicated private offices
  • Coworking – open plan desks
  • Secure and dedicated warehouse spaces
  • Photography studio
  • Access to in-house photographers / videographers digital and social media marketing experts and services.  
  • High Speed internet – 1000 MBPS
  • Daily cleaning
  • High security swipe card access and 24/7 monitoring and camera surveillance.
  • Kitchen and breakout areas.

What are the benefits?

  • A place away from home to work, trade and focus.
  • Supportive co-traders.
  • Mentoring and education.
  • 24/7 access.
  • And everything else mentioned here.

What we are not.

  • We are not a prop firm and do not want to be. We do not offer funding.
  • Likewise, we are not brokers and do not want to be.
  • We are not your financial advisers. We help each other, but stop short of financial advice.

What about other locations?

Yep, love that idea! Sydney is first on the list, but more offices will be driven by feedback from you.

We have interest so far in NZ and London. Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane(or Gold Coast) are also options. Just let us know in the form below. We’ll keep an email list, but not bombard you with crap. We’ll just let you know if it’s on.


Chat about it?

Sure, call GB on 0409 606 300 or fill out the form below. It’s all confidential.